I'll keep it simple

I play guitar. I play some other instruments too, but I mainly play guitar.

My sound comes from the fact that I play classical and flamenco nylon string guitars, but I'm not a classical or flamenco guitarist – not a trained one at least. As a kid I learned how to play from blues and jazz players. I eventually began getting into hard rock and heavy metal and played in a metal band for years.

I was always intrigued by the sounds and energy of flamenco. So, I bought a nylon string guitar one day and noodled on it for a while and began to develop a style of playing that's somewhat unconventional. It gets classified as some sort of flamenco style. That's cool with me, I'm a huge fan of flamenco music.

I enjoy what I play and I hope you enjoy listening to it. Much love.

Paper Tiger

Released: October 7, 2018

01 Paper Tiger 3:38
02 Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground 3:36
03 Single Malt Sandalwood 4:19
04 It's a Shallow Fall Straight Down 3:51
05 Seventeen Forty Six 2:07
06 Dependent Origination 3:02

Album Art & Credits
Scott Bynoe - Paper Tiger Scott Bynoe - Paper Tiger
Music by Scott Bynoe
Guitars, Bass & Percussion Performed by Scott Bynoe
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Scott Bynoe - Aurora, ON
Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel Mastering - Toronto, ON
Artwork by Thomas Daniel Noonan, PencilisArt - Anchorage, AK
Graphic Design by Scott Bynoe

Lipstick On A Pig

Released: March 1, 2006

01 Dichotomy 3:00
02 Cante Jondo 4:08
03 October Sunrise 1:19
04 Cook The Sparrow 5:39
05 Black Tooth Grin 4:29
06 One Bird With Many Stones 1:29
07 Apathetic 3:44
08 The Devil Is In The Details 1:49
09 Pesado 3:37
10 Butterfly Effect 5:50
11 November Sunset 1:10

Album Art & Credits
Scott Bynoe - Lipstick on a Pig Scott Bynoe - Lipstick on a Pig Scott Bynoe - Lipstick on a Pig Scott Bynoe - Lipstick on a Pig
Music by Scott Bynoe
Performed by Scott Bynoe (additional performances by Robert Gates & Brendan Seale)
Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Scott Bynoe - Hamilton & Markham, ON
Mastered at Metalworks Studios by Scott Lake - Toronto, ON
Album Concept & Design by Scott Bynoe & Bonnie Chan

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